The « caillettes » is a culinary specialty of the departments of Drôme and Ardèche. This little (just fist-sized) patty, based on pork meat (neck and liver), is stuffed with aromatic herbs (parsley, thyme, savory) and veggies (Swiss chard, spinach, or greed salad). Like many other regional specialties, the geographic origins ofcaillettes are rather unclear …

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The TOP-20 Best Bakeries of Paris

Are you fond of croissants, pain-aux-raisins, chocolate “escargots” and other mouthwatering French pastries? 🍰 Here’s a shortlist of Paris’ best bakeries, pâtisseries, and spots to satisfy every size of sweet tooth, according to Save the list – and enjoy! ⠀ ✅ Du Pain et des Idées ✅ Fou de Pâtisserie ✅ Boulangerie Utopie ✅ Chambelland ✅ Poilâne ✅ Karamel ✅ Des Gâteaux et du …

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Far Breton

Far Breton (also Breton far) is a recipe from Brittany region in France which is close to the clafoutis and exists in many different forms. The best known one is the one with prunes, although the traditional Breton far doesn’t include it. The recipe is really simple: eggs, sugar, flour and milk. Originally, it was …

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French galletes

What is a “galette”? Galette is a thin savory pancake (a “crêpe”) made of buckwheat flour, which gives this grayish shade to the meal. Although the traditional fillings for galette are ham/cheese/eggs and Andouille/onions, nowadays the menus become more and more diversified and innovative. If you’re in Paris, keep in mind that the best “crêperies” (pancake …

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Dessert «Religieuse»

The «religieuse» is a pastry based at «pâte à choux» (choux pastry) and «crème pâtissière» (pastry cream), usually flavored with chocolat or coffee. It was invented around 1856 in «Frascati», a famous Parisian café run by a Neapolitan glacier. The religieuse (which literally means «nun») is composed of two «choux» (cream puffs) placed one on …

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French citrus aperitif

Picon is a caramel-coloured, flavoured bitters drunk as an apéritif, which traditionally accompanies beer in the east and north of France, as well as in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. “Picon” is a trademark distributed by Moët Hennessy Diageo. It is made from a base of fresh oranges which are dried and mixed with a solution …

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A chouquette (French pronunciation: [ʃukɛt]) is a little pastry based on choux dough and sugar. It is made of choux pastry which consists of water or milk (or the both in equal proportion), butter, wheat flour, eggs and salt, sprinkled with pearl sugar, and baked in an oven.

Floating island

«L’île flottante», or a «floating island» is a delicious light dessert of French origin, consisting of whipped egg whites, which are then quickly poached and put on «crème anglaise» (vanilla custard). Often it is covered with a caramel net with slivered and toasted almonds, crushed “pralin” (a product made of caramelized almonds and/or hazelnuts), crushed …

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Lemon tart

The tarte au citron (or «lemon tart») is a classical dessert of the French cuisine. This is a sweet pie filled with a cream based on lemon But it doesn’t include any fruits. The cream is a mixture of eggs, sugar, lemon juice and lemon zest. Also called «lemon curd», it is this cream that gives …

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French onion soup

The «soupe à l’oignon» is a traditional French soup made of onions and beef stock, usually served with croutons and melted cheese on top. The soup’s origin can be traced as far back as the Romans – it was typically a poor dish – although the current version dates from the 18th century. The remarkable taste …

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