Floating island

«L’île flottante», or a «floating island» is a delicious light dessert of French origin, consisting of whipped egg whites, which are then quickly poached and put on «crème anglaise» (vanilla custard). Often it is covered with a caramel net with slivered and toasted almonds, crushed “pralin” (a product made of caramelized almonds and/or hazelnuts), crushed French pralines («pralines roses») or a lemon zest. Even if everybody today knows this famous dessert under the name of «île flottante», it’s exact name should actually be «œufs à la neige« (eggs in snow). Indeed, the floating island is originally a dessert invented by Auguste Escoffier, a founder of the French gastronomy in the beginning of the 20th century ☝🏻

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