The oldest restaurant in St. Petersburg

Today we’ll tell you about one of the oldest restaurants in St. Petersburg – «Brasserie de Metropole Restaurant». History of Brasserie de Metropole Restaurant began in the 18th with small café of Mr. Nemechinsky (known St. Petersburg restaurateur). In 1931, the restaurant was named Metropole and became a gathering place for all the elite of the northern capital and beyond. Metropole has kept its status of a respectable restaurant up to nowadays.
The interior resembles an emperial hall: crystal chandeliers, columns, stucco, wood panelling and luxurious soft furniture. Metropol specializes on traditional Russian cuisine. Sturgeon caviar, Beef Stroganoff, Royal fish soup and many other exquisite dishes are presented in in the author’s menu.
On the second floor, you’ll find a gastropub (which has its own Belgian brewery), where you can enjoy beer made in the best tradition of European brewing.

Adresse: Sadovaya street 22/2, Saint-Petersburg

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